Digital Marketing Spending Recommendations 

Digital Marketing Spending Recommendations 

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Are you giving digital marketing the percentage of your marketing budget that gives you the best return? Consider that 93 percent of online experiences begin with a search engine. And 47 percent of people click on one of the first three listings. How are customers finding you? If you’re not showing up in the top-three search spots, then customers probably aren’t finding …

The Value of Well-Written Website Content

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Expio Digital Marketing Case Study: The Value of Well-Written Website Content Great website content pieces can consistently drive considerable meaningful traffic to your website. More traffic leads to more potential customers/clients. Writing for the web is a specific skill set, requiring training in keyword research, HTML tags and search engine optimization. Expio helps many businesses increase their website traffic through …

De-Coding Data

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De-Coding Data Why is data important in marketing?   By Stormie Sanchez With almost seven out of 10 online experiences starting in search engines, it’s no wonder that digital marketing is expected to make up to 46% of all marketing in 2021. As more businesses turn to the internet to bring in new leads and increase conversions, the importance of ...
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How The Hereford Economic Development Corporation Increased Organic Site Traffic by 261% And Improved Keyword Rankings In Less Than a Year

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Hereford Economic Development Corporation came to Expio with the goal of increasing organic visits to the site and building brand awareness. Since partnering with us, HEDC has seen exciting results. THE GOALS Increase in Organic Engagement  Improve Keyword Rankings  THE APPROACH Optimize pages to rank higher in google searches.  Track and optimize targeted keyword opportunities.  Produce FAQ pages around keywords …

How Great Employees Move On

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Thoughts on ending a business relationship with grace and professionalism. By Andy Roller At the end of 2020, we lost one of our best at Expio – the ever enthusiastic and insightful Chief Content Officer Joshua Godsey. Josh took a leadership role at his local church. Though sad, we were proud and supportive of his decision.  I realize it’s not …

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How Clients and Agencies Should Treat Each Other

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A Case for Staying True to Our Expio Core Values and Using Karma to Create Educational Opportunities Sometimes what goes around really does come around.  We had a client that started out a great fit with Expio. There was mutual respect and great communication.  Then, leadership changed on their end, and suddenly we found ourselves challenging our own three core …

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How to Get People to Answer Emails, Make Decisions and Be Responsive

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Expio Founder and CEO Andy Roller explains how to win the war for attention, follow up and responsiveness. Excerpts from Andy Roller at American Advertising Federation-Amarillo speaking engagement: I have five kids, and three of them have iPhones. In the event I need to get in touch with someone, I’ll text and call them, and nobody responds within a reasonable …

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How to Be a Rockstar Intern

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16 Key Steps For Landing a Great Internship and Making the Most of It. In today’s competitive landscape, a meaningful internship can make or break a college graduate hoping to land a job in his or her field. Internships are just as much about worthwhile connections and great recommendations as they are new experiences and broadened skill sets. Internships stand …

What Google's First Algorithm Update Post-Coronavirus Means For Your Rankings Expio SEO Digital Marketing

What Google’s First Algorithm Update Post-Coronavirus Means For Your Rankings

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In This Post: News about Google’s first core update since coronavirus Tips on measuring rankings while the update rolls out What the update means for businesses Why this core update is of particular importance This week, Google announced its first core algorithm update since the global coronavirus pandemic. The update began rolling out on Monday, May 4, 2020. They say …