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[Client Exhibit] WRCA Rodeo Documentary

Joshua Social Media

About The Project

We’ve been privileged to work with the Working Ranch Cowboys Association on a Pro Package level for the past year. One project, in particular, we’ve been excited about during that time is the new WRCA Rodeo Documentary.

Our goal has been to raise awareness of the benevolent arm of the association: an active scholarship student program, and crisis fund for ranching families in emergencies. Plus, we hoped to increase loyalty among current members with a fresh outlook for the future of the organization.

We accomplished this through a 10-minute documentary uploaded through YouTube, and published through our packaged social platforms. The results in the first week have been phenomenal. We’ve achieved more than just a message; we’ve told the story behind the WRCA.

There have been 1,500 quality views (meaning core follower engagement and sharing) and an ongoing conversation streaming on Twitter, Facebook and their custom blog. All of these platforms are serviced with content management through our team at Expio, with the capable hands of Joshua (video/written) and Alex (written/analytics).

The Documentary