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What Is a Search Engine?

The Internet’s digital librarian

Search engines are complex and sophisticated indexing systems

  • Correlate searches to the most relevant landing pages
  • Provide in-depth data awareness to boost likelihood of searcher intent matching page results
  • Organize thousands of pages of results in less than a second

  • Search Engines are our digital librarians, except, these librarians are on-call and incredibly fast. There are three major search engines that are often used in the US: Google, Yahoo! and Bing. The clear leader of the three remains Google with a market share of around 65% as of March 2015.

    Without going into the technicality of how a search engine works, we’re here to tell you what they do.

    Whenever a new website is built, search engines like Google typically find them and begin indexing each page, and all the data of the website to be the best informed about the new site. Just like a librarian who reads the latest books coming into inventory, Google, Yahoo! and Bing know each new site and begin the complex process of integrating the new website into SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages).

    But, there’s much more than simple organization of data. Search engines have increasingly become smarter with new algorithms and data processing. These new tactics help search engines correlate what kind of content is getting clicks, and conversions (i.e. product sales, forms filled out, videos played, etc).

    What this means is that beyond simply indexing a website’s keywords and phrases, search engines understand how a website is being used, how popular it is, what kinds of users typically use the site, etc. All of this data helps search engines bring the most relevant posts to the top of the page.

    Search engines are shaping the way we find the things we love online.