What Google's First Algorithm Update Post-Coronavirus Means For Your Rankings Expio SEO Digital Marketing

What Google’s First Algorithm Update Post-Coronavirus Means For Your Rankings

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In This Post:

  • News about Google’s first core update since coronavirus

  • Tips on measuring rankings while the update rolls out

  • What the update means for businesses

  • Why this core update is of particular importance

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This week, Google announced its first core algorithm update since the global coronavirus pandemic.

The update began rolling out on Monday, May 4, 2020. They say it will likely take a week or two to fully roll out. We recommend monitoring your rankings closely over the next two weeks?

Don’t know how to track your website rankings? Contact us.

What Does The Google Algorithm Update Aim To Accomplish?

As in every core update, it means new content that has been created since the last core update (January this year) will be more fully taken into account in rankings. Plus, Google has made a special emphasis that this core update will focus on relevance. That means, the more relevant the content is (in Google’s eyes, at least), the more likely the content will rise in rankings.

This means that for companies invested in quality SEO, this update should bring increases in rankings. Exciting! The bad news is that companies who haven’t done any SEO may lose ground in rankings.

Why This Google Update Is Of Particular Importance

As the title of this post says, this is the first core update in the post-apocalyptic world of COVID-19. Search behaviors have changed drastically. Truth is, the way people use the internet has entirely changed. What Google’s update ends up doing will be of particular interest. We don’t know exactly what it’s going to look like, as usual. So, we’ll be watching closely at rankings.

What Can Businesses Do To Prepare For The Core Update

The #1 thing is to invest in SEO, if no SEO is happening already. Businesses who don’t have an SEO team can contact us to learn about our services. For companies with SEO efforts already in place, emphasize the importance of tracking rankings while this rollout takes place. What patterns can be identified? How are rankings changing compared to competitors? How has website behavior changed? Has your content become more relevant since the outbreak or less? There are so many opportunities to create value in this time. We’d love to help.

What rankings have changed for you since the COVID-19 outbreak? Let us know in the comments.