Understanding Facebook Check-Ins for Page Admins

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UPDATE: Facebook has updated since this post was written. Admins are now able to engage more fully on check ins from users who use their page.

Facebook Check Ins for Admins

Click on Notifications, then click Activity to find Check Ins in the Admin Toolbar

Facebook Check Ins for Admins

Once you click Activity, you’ll see Check-ins alongside Reviews, Mentions and Shares.

You already know about likes and comments, and shares – the “big three” of Facebook engagement. But, are you familiar with Facebook “Check-Ins”? Watch our short video for a some basic understanding of Facebook Check-Ins and one idea for incentivizing them.

How do users check-in?

Facebook users can find places nearby using the Facebook app on their smartphone. From your app menu, they tap Nearby Places to see a list of places nearby.

What’s the value of a Check-In?

Check-ins typically reach larger audiences than brand posts. Facebook limits the reach of posts from Pages, and as a result, a tiny percentage of audiences will actually see any given post. What makes Check-Ins unique is that they are technically a personal post from the user who checked-in, and tend to reach more of an audience. And, you guessed it, that check-in has your business name all over it. It’s a very useful form of free marketing on the part of a user.

How can Facebook Page Admins engage users who Check-In?

Unfortunately, we have bad news: admins cannot comment or like check-ins as their page like they normally can on typical Facebook posts on their timeline. And to make matters even more confusing, privacy settings active in certain Facebook users settings makes some check-ins invisible to the page. A smart way to engage this problem is to plan ahead and connect incentives to users to check-ins. For example, one of our clients, a BBQ Restaurant in Bracknell, England, decided to give free drinks to people who show Facebook Check-Ins on their smartphone to their waiter or waitress. The user benefits from a free drink, and the restaurant benefits from the increased brand-reach from the check-in.

Isn’t it beautiful?

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