Timing Brand Facebook Posts Per Industry

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Timing Facebook Posts

When should you be posting on your business Timeline? Is your audience getting your posts on time, when they’re most connected, interested and ready to hear from you? Perhaps, with a little research, you’ll see that your followers’ activity peaks at different times than the focus of your posts. Let’s face it, in all likelihood, the social media world isn’t necessarily online during 9-5 business hours (when you and your marketing team are most likely going to post). How does Saturday activity play a role in audience interaction? Are businesses taking advantage where people are most likely to be active?

Linchpin, an SEO agency, has given us just what we need to help with timing efficiency. The detailed infographic below breaks down audience activity industry-to-industry. Refining your strategy moving forward with data like this can help you focus your efforts, posting when activity is at its highest and therefore, when your followers are most likely to be reached.

Facebook Post Data