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Time to grow your blog (via HubSpot)

Joshua Social Media

Let’s get a little nostalgic for a second. Remember when you first started blogging? You probably thought of your blog as another marketing asset for your business. ‘Blog marketing’ meant “using a blog to market your business.” Your business was the center of your galaxy, and your various marketing assets – email, social media, landing pages, etc. – were all planets in your business’ marketing galaxy.

Now you’re above and beyond beginner blogger status. You’re older and wiser. Instead of thinking of your blog as another planet in your business’ marketing galaxy, consider what would happen if you put your blog at the center of its own galaxy. And all of those marketing assets that served as planets in your business’ galaxy? Those can all support and contribute to the success of your blog, too! Your blog is bigger than you think.

If you start to think of and treat your blog as the center of its own marketing galaxy, you’ll be able to effectively grow and scale your blog. It will have better potential to generate greater results in terms of traffic, which you can then convert into leads and customers, contributing much more to your business’ overall marketing strategy. Consider the progress of Hubspot’s own Inbound marketing blog. we’ve developed and implemented a blog marketing strategy that has helped us achieve impressive results. these days, the HubSpot Blog generates 12% of HubSpot’s overall monthly new leads.

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