The Importance of Knowing Your Audience on Social Media

The Importance of Knowing Your Audience on Social Media

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Meaningful Content Boosts Business

It’s important to know your goals early in the creation of your business’ social media accounts and base your content off of those goals. Especially if you are just starting out, you need to have meaningful content that could boost business. It’s also important to sprinkle in personal content that your audience can relate to. Content that makes your audience want to engage with you is essential. Therefore, a key factor to social media engagement is knowing your audience.

Who is Your Audience?

How do you figure out who your audience is on social media? Who your audience actually is and who you want it to be could actually be quite different things. First, look at your actual audience through social media insights. Use Instagram insights to learn more about overall trends across your followers and your content’s performance with your audience. You can also view insights for specific posts, stories, videos, reels and live videos you’ve created to see how each performed and how people engaged with them. Insights are free and available only for business and creator accounts. Insights can be viewed in the Instagram App by going to recent highlights, insights overview (which includes accounts reached, accounts engaged and total followers), or content you shared. You can also tap “view insights” under individual posts, videos and reels, or swipe up on your stories and Instagram live videos to view specific insights. To check your audience insight on Facebook, head to your Facebook Ads Manager or Business Manager tools menu and scroll down to the “Analyze and Report” section, and then click on “Audience Insights.’ Then, determine if this audience aligns with your target audience (your ideal audience of followers who are most likely to engage with you, buy your product, sign up for your email, subscribe to your services, etc.) 

If your audience is on point, you’re in great shape to start curating content that they’ll engage with.

Some helpful tips for brainstorming content for your target audience are: go with your gut when judging ideas, focus on quantity first and then edit for quality, monitor your success on past social media posts, and don’t take it personally if your ideas are shot down.

How to Grow Your Target Audience on Social Media

If your actual audience is off the mark from your target audience, it’s time to seek out the right people.

Consider boosting your posts and creating social media ads. Social media has a pay-to-play attitude when it comes to getting more engagement on your posts. Boosting your post on Facebook is one of the ways that you can pay to play. Boosting posts helps you reach more people while also promoting your business. To boost your post, go to the post that you want to boost, then click the “boost post” button. From there, choose the goal for your post, the audience you want to reach, the total budget for that boosted post, the duration that you want to boost your post, and then your payment method. For Facebook ads, select your audience, decide where to run your ad, set your budget, pick a format, place your order, and then measure and manage your ad.

One of the most important steps is to figure out your target audience and know what content to give your audience. If you have a broad audience it could be difficult to spread your message to the people that you want to reach. 

Learning How Your Social Media Audience Behaves

Knowing what matters to your audience is crucial. Social media platforms contain valuable insights and analytics that allow you to see, over time, what your audience responds to.

Insights on social media can be accessed by navigating the business’ profile and either selecting an individual post to see specific insights for, or by looking at an overview of that business account. On Instagram, you’ll see a banner at the bottom of the post where you can tap “view insights.” You’ll see how many likes, comments, shares and saves that your post received.

Demographics are crucial because they let you pinpoint where you want your posts to serve, rather than accumulating meaningless engagement that doesn’t benefit your business. If your posts are receiving engagement from fake accounts and bots, your products and services will not be purchased or used. Targeting the right people – your actual target audience – gives you the best chance at cultivating a future customer. With the right tactics, those customers will advocate for your products and services through word-of-mouth advertising and bring in more business.  

It’s important to reevaluate your audience metrics every couple months to make sure your content is still relevant, helpful and interesting to them. If your audience changes, it’s time to reevaluate your content and adjust as necessary.

What Are Audience Psychographics?

While demographics are important, it’s also smart to look into the psychographics of your audience. Instead of basing your content off of age, race and other basic information, psychographics dive into what people think and do, their attitudes, values and hobbies. These insights help business owners understand how customers think, so you can better serve them. 

There are several ways to gather and analyze psychographic data. It can be collected via market research, focus groups, questionnaires, website analytics, etc. But, it can also be collected through social media. On Facebook, psychographics can be viewed by enabling your page to view psychographic data in the Ads Manager section when in page admin view. This will show you common job titles, relationship status, education level, income and home value, device usage, retail and online spending behavior, top interests and activity on Facebook. Most businesses will benefit from looking at their psychographic data, because it provides insights into customer motivations. However, some businesses, such as an OBGYN, might not need to necessarily look at their psychographics, because their target audience is straight forward. 

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