Pablo Rogel

Expio Intern, Tascosa High School Student

Born of two loving parents in the great state of Texas in a little “yellow” city known as Amarillo is where my life begins. My parents immigrated from Mexico and even though they didn’t have the greatest education, I’ve enjoyed a life full of exploration and self learning. Early on, I excelled in academics, particularly in math. I began to become interested in business as a result of my math interests within studying economics and macroeconomics. I seemed to pick up the material quite quickly while others struggled; and I found myself to be one of the few who weren’t paralyzed by public speaking. Business seemed like the best outlet to express both interests. 

When it came to business, two areas have stuck out when it comes to what I could see myself doing as a career. First, business management is an area I could see myself excelling in. Most of my free time is spent in overly complicated team coordinated based video games so I felt I could be good at leading a group as a result. The other area is marketing. As funny as it sounds, my passion starts with the iPhone vs. Android debate. I used to be on the iPhone side of the debate, but now I prefer the Galaxy series. I find it bizarre the intense loyalty and blind praise that iPhone users (including myself at the time) often exemplify. This lead me to look at marketing to find an answer. How could a company convince the masses that their phone was unrivaled-  a head above the competition – while having similar or even worse stats than their competitors. At one time Apple were innovating new features, but that time is long gone. From then on I was hooked on the power of marketing, and I wanted to learn about all it entailed. 

Today I’m the president of my debate team. I’m learning how to not only improve my acting and public speaking to improve my ability to be convincing, but also to learn to be a better leader and role model. In my role on the debate team, I’m also learning to be an innovator that’s willing to take steps without knowing where it may go. Because of PRO, I’m also an intern at a wonderful marketing agency called Expio. Here I get to learn some of the basic inner workings of a marketing agency as well as monitor real social media platforms. I also get to do blog research. I hope to use the skills that I’ll learn from both these areas of my life to become better in whichever path of business I eventually go down.