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Joshua Godsey

Search Engine Optimizer, Strategist, Coffee Swashbuckler

Every person has a story. And that makes them unique. Their impact provides a world of value to the people around them. And it’s no different with business. Digital marketing has helped to establish businesses in a more real and relational way to users online. Much like a person’s impact, businesses now have a real presence in the daily lives of their followers.

The story of a business has become more tangible and therefore more necessary in an increasingly competitive brand-to-user environment. Joshua’s passion is helping businesses expand their ability to be authentic and helpful online for their customers.

Joshua was born and raised in Amarillo, Texas. As a journalism major and a former editor of his college news publication, editorial storytelling has been at the foundation of Joshua’s career. And it’s helped him build strategies for dozens of businesses during his career at Expio.

Joshua provides SEO strategy consulting for Expio Digital Marketing.

His interests include reading biographies, home music production and classic stick burner BBQ smoking. He and his wife Mandy perform together in their church worship team. During the Summer of 2008, Joshua couchsurfed across Europe, from Ireland to Italy, and has visited Australia, New Zealand, El Salvador and most of Western Europe.

As much as possible, you’ll find him with his four children enjoying the outdoors or a good fire.