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Brand or Sell? Entice or Inform? Taking a Topical Approach to Blogging

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Brand or Sell? “Branding” has become one of the murkiest marketing terms on the Internet. It can basically mean anything. Branded content can mean a dozen different things. Branding can easily become inbred company rhetoric that only increases customer boredom. But branding can also lead to a direct approach to blogging that helps users get what they need. For our …

6 Strategies for Writing Great Business Blogs - Expio

6 Strategies for Writing Great Business Blogs: For Agencies and Marketers

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There are thousands of new business blogs being published online everyday. To earn a new customer from blogging as a business, it takes strategy, and attention to detail. Competition is fierce. And the “noise” is loud. Attention from readers is hard to come by. If you’re writing new blog content for an agency, or your own business, this post is for …

Facebook Post “Reach” Is Declining and What to Do About it

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Consider “Boosting” Posts regularly As you may have noticed, while social media use and engagement continue to rise, Facebook organic (not boosted) reach has been on the decline.

 Some see this as a negative, but it’s not. Facebook, now a public company, has had to grow up and actually meet quarterly earnings. So, they’ve decreased the ability of brands to …

How To Attract Influencers, Not Freeloaders, In Facebook Contests

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How to Ensure Your Facebook Contests Attract Genuine Fans By Emeric Ernoult Published June 10, 2013, Social Media Examiner #1: Award Appropriate Prizes Don’t offer attractive prizes that have nothing to do with your brand. #2: Choose Your Winners Wisely Many contests use a system of votes (photo competitions) or point accumulations (quizzes) to identify finalists or winners. These methods animate your …

Social Networking Should Be Clear and Meaningful

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So you’ve heard back from a follower on a social site like LinkedIn or Twitter. Great! They’ve been watching your posts and want to know more about what you do. Now, you’ve got their attention. But, how do you keep it? And, more importantly, how do you turn attention into a closed deal? Most deals take a minimum of 7 …

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Future of Social Media Strategy

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happily shared via On The Record Future of Social Media Strategy with Brian Solis Eric Schwartzman: Monday, April 22, 2013 | 1:43 p.m.   [Listen here] To make sure our online Social Media Training Bootcamp stays timely, I spoke to social media marketing analyst Brian Solis about his new book What’s the Future of Business – Changing the Way Business Create Experiences, which …