To Help Your Business Succeed, Find Your Guacamole (Fast Company)

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happily shared via Fast Company BY JD RUCKER | AUGUST 30, 2012 | Fast Company Having killer guacamole is a great competitive advantage for Mexican restaurants–here’s how drill down on your company’s biggest differentiator (or, “guacamole”). If you ask people to name the restaurant that has their favorite salsa, some will have an opinion and others won’t. Same thing holds true for spaghetti …

Autonomy at work

How To Create Autonomy

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Social media works when brands portray autonomy among posts Motivating factors Scientists and sociologists are finding fascinating data about how people are motivated. We aren’t the simple, robotic creatures we’ve often characterized ourselves as. Money, particularly, has been overwhelmingly placed as first-place in terms of the force behind employee improvement. But, is this really true? Generally, does a higher paid employee simply create …

Timeless Needs Shape Future

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In June of 2007, the iPhone was released. It marked the beginning of a streamlined world in which millions could now use a device housed in their pocket to make every choice imaginable with consultation from online data. It’s hard to quantify how much things have changed under the new landscape of digital interactivity. Everything from purchasing a new television, to …

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Simple, Catchy and Shareable Cyber Monday

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3:04PM CST November 26. 2012 – On Twitter, “Cyber Monday” is trending. Is that surprising? We don’t think so. It’s trending because it fits what social media requires – something simple, catchy and shareable – to get people talking online. Lesson learned, now take action with your brand. Use these principles, with the help of the social writers at Expio, …

Bottom Line: Is Investing In Social Media Worth It?

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Is it worth it? Measuring your company bottom line against social efforts is surprisingly simple. Take a look at new social media data: *78% are directly influenced by branded posts when making purchases *74% use social media to encourage friends to try new products *80% try new things based on friends’ suggestions via social media The potential is practically unlimited. The trick …