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What’s With SEO? Our Take

Jeff Burleson Online Search (SEO)

“The other day I was in some, whatever–coffee place. I don’t know, you can only be in six places—whichever one I was in.” – Comedian Louis CK “Hilarious” Your customer gathers information on the internet the same way that you do – from one of six places. We all go to Google (or Yahoo or Bing) and fill in that …


23 Ways to Achieve “High-Quality” Website Status

Joshua Social Media

A Google Expert’s Checklist “This website doesn’t load fast enough.” “This website has duplicate content.” “It needs quality content before Google will begin listing this site in Search.” “Your site has a bunch of issues.” “The Google listing for your business is all wrong.” The phone rings. It’s an SEO expert with a laundry list of problems you’ve never even …

A Great Facebook Page Is Engaging, Not Merely Likes

Joshua Social Media

The Quality of a Click Isn’t 1:1 http://vimeo.com/71025901 The value of a click isn’t 1:1. Some clicks are people simply browsing your page, most likely bouncing off your page in seconds. Some are spam. When you study your web analytics, delineate why and how clicks are making their way all the way to a sale, or to the page you …

Facebook Graph Search

Facebook Amps Up Its Search & What That Means for You

Joshua Social Media

Imagine this scenario: you need to choose a restaurant for an important event, like a date or birthday party. But, you’re new to the area and need recommendations. Most of the time, you would go to Google with a search like, “restaurants nearby” or, for example, if you want to eat Italian, “Italian restaurants”.  But, you’re smart. You need real …

How Social Engagement Improves SEO

Joshua Social Media

They’re both known as cute and cuddly animals, but Google’s Panda and Penguin search algorithms have something else in mind than becoming a popular stuffed animal. They’re cleaning up search results for Google. The goal: to place the highest-quality and most interactive websites on front-page searches. Read 10 things you need to know about Google Panda and Penguin from SEO expert Tom …