5 Reasons Why We Shudder at the New Rippln App

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You may have heard about a new so-called viral App called Rippln – you may have even been invited to join the “inner circle”. Well, it’s not viral yet. A video posted on YouTube boasts that users can become part of the beginnings of the next Facebook and make millions off of its success. They even claim that soon, the …

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Future of Social Media Strategy

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happily shared via On The Record Future of Social Media Strategy with Brian Solis Eric Schwartzman: Monday, April 22, 2013 | 1:43 p.m.   [Listen here] To make sure our online Social Media Training Bootcamp stays timely, I spoke to social media marketing analyst Brian Solis about his new book What’s the Future of Business – Changing the Way Business Create Experiences, which …

Timeless Needs Shape Future

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In June of 2007, the iPhone was released. It marked the beginning of a streamlined world in which millions could now use a device housed in their pocket to make every choice imaginable with consultation from online data. It’s hard to quantify how much things have changed under the new landscape of digital interactivity. Everything from purchasing a new television, to …