Character Composite: One Way We Stay Consistently Creative and Accurate With Brand Posts

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About the AuthorJoshua TwitterWriter, SEO, Coffee SwashbucklerOne way to break through and get creative as a brand content publisher is to identify, memorize and script as the brand's ideal character.Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have made being a brand more like being a helpful friend. Everyday, successful social media-driven companies are posting useful, enjoyable and informative content for their audiences. It's ...
Autonomy at work

How To Create Autonomy

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Social media works when brands portray autonomy among posts Motivating factors Scientists and sociologists are finding fascinating data about how people are motivated. We aren’t the simple, robotic creatures we’ve often characterized ourselves as. Money, particularly, has been overwhelmingly placed as first-place in terms of the force behind employee improvement. But, is this really true? Generally, does a higher paid employee simply create …