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Brand or Sell? Entice or Inform? Taking a Topical Approach to Blogging

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Brand or Sell? “Branding” has become one of the murkiest marketing terms on the Internet. It can basically mean anything. Branded content can mean a dozen different things. Branding can easily become inbred company rhetoric that only increases customer boredom. But branding can also lead to a direct approach to blogging that helps users get what they need. For our …

This One Simple Tactic Can Double Your Facebook Engagement – Jason Parks

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This blog post (shared from is by guest author Jason Parks, Owner of The Media Captain. Follow him at @TheMediaCaptain on Twitter. These tips are on par and really helpful. We’ve been using these tactics for a long time and have seen results on a daily basis from these practices. Developing a character for your brand posts, sharing staff stories and more are …

Character Composite: One Way We Stay Consistently Creative and Accurate With Brand Posts

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About the AuthorJoshua TwitterWriter, SEO, Coffee SwashbucklerOne way to break through and get creative as a brand content publisher is to identify, memorize and script as the brand's ideal character.Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have made being a brand more like being a helpful friend. Everyday, successful social media-driven companies are posting useful, enjoyable and informative content for their audiences. It's ...
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3 Rules For Turning Garbage Content Into Significant Content

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What’s the point of social media for you? We suggest performing a litmus test against yourself and your online content strategy. Does it make sense? Would you personally engage with the content you’ve been producing? Are you progressing or just making noise? Get real with yourself and your staff. Self examination brings clarity. If you don’t, you’ll end up wasting your …