5 Evidences that Prove Social Media is Making Business Better

Joshua Social Media

1. Brands are now listening more than ever Great customer experiences start with knowing the customer. That’s easier than ever thanks to the thousands of comments on brand posts everyday. This vast stockpile of user-submitted information has proven itself to be a powerful tool in the hands of business leaders, enough to translate into executive action. And it’s awesome. About 50% of companies say …

A Great Facebook Page Is Engaging, Not Merely Likes

Joshua Social Media

The Quality of a Click Isn’t 1:1 http://vimeo.com/71025901 The value of a click isn’t 1:1. Some clicks are people simply browsing your page, most likely bouncing off your page in seconds. Some are spam. When you study your web analytics, delineate why and how clicks are making their way all the way to a sale, or to the page you …

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[Client Exhibit] WRCA Rodeo Documentary

Joshua Social Media

About The Project We’ve been privileged to work with the Working Ranch Cowboys Association on a Pro Package level for the past year. One project, in particular, we’ve been excited about during that time is the new WRCA Rodeo Documentary. Our goal has been to raise awareness of the benevolent arm of the association: an active scholarship student program, and crisis fund …