How Social Engagement Improves SEO

Joshua Social Media

Many brands are realizing their business Facebook timeline has better SEO than their website, despite investments.

They’re both known as cute and cuddly animals, but Google’s Panda and Penguin search algorithms have something else in mind than becoming a popular stuffed animal. They’re cleaning up search results for Google.

The goal: to place the highest-quality and most interactive websites on front-page searches.

Read 10 things you need to know about Google Panda and Penguin from SEO expert Tom Gregan
Excerpt: “At its core, the Panda update is about signals pertinent to relevance and a site’s ability to indicate that it belongs high in results. Google is taking time to assess signals such as:
  • The amount of content above the fold
  • The bounce rate for a page
  • The click-through rate of the page
  • The number of clicks a page gets in results
… and more, always intent on evaluating whether a page is proving itself as providing relevant content for the search in question.
Importantly, no longer does it seem that Google simply demotes poor quality pages. Instead, it is willing to demote the entire domain, simply because a few pages are letting the site down.
To put it plainly, social interaction for your brand is becoming an essential investment when it comes to improving your brand SEO.”

Every comment, like, share or follow your brand receives is a vote of confidence to Google searches, lending more weight for your brand to become a top result.

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