Social Media & Medical (Google Presentation)

Joshua Case Study

Joshua Godsey & Andy Roller

Patient-Centered Social Media

The New Bedside Manner

Case study by Expio including a Google presentation of social media campaigns and results for featured clients in the medical field.

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What the presentation includes:

  • Social Media for Medical explained
    • Social media gives medical specialists the perfect platform to share quick, easy, informative and useful information to an audience.
    • Becoming a go-to resource on social media means they’ll look to you when they need medical services.
  • Results
    • Screenshots of real engagement (comments and shares) about medical professionals as a result of Expio content delivery.
    • Reach on Facebook from photo posts of medical staff and its long-reaching impressions influence.
  • How Long Does it Take?
    • A breakdown of real timelines for page performance growth.
    • Infographics charting momentum over time from content on social media.
  • Beyond Facebook
    • Engagement on platforms like YouTube and Twitter.
    • Being a medical resource in video interviews on YouTube brought big results for some Expio clients.
    • Nothing is too boring or technical to share.

Social media transcends marketing. It’s an ongoing process of creating great content on a regular basis to a group of top followers that includes helpful, informative, and engaging posts from you, the expert in your medical field.