SEO Honesty Leads To Better User Experience, Results

SEO Basics: Two Brutally Honest Questions You Should Ask Yourself About Your Website

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SEO Honesty Leads To Better User Experience, Results

Be honest.

Why would anyone visit your website?

Do users actually want or need the content on your website?

There are moments in life where suddenly everything becomes clear. The day you decide to buy an engagement ring, for example. Well, when it comes to planning your newest website content, we suggest getting clarity. Like, extreme clarity – brutal, real, user-tested honesty.

Ask friends. Ask family. Ask peers. Or, take it even further and perform user tests – the process of hiring a targeted audience to use your website for its intended purpose and interviewing them about their experience.
However you decide to do it, be honest with yourself. Why would anyone use your website? If you’re selling e-commerce products, why wouldn’t they buy the same or similar product on Amazon? Tell us why on the landing page.
If you’re providing carpentry services, what makes you unique? If you’re a dentist, why do patients use you? Let us know on the landing page.

This all might sound a little over simplistic. But, the reality is many websites don’t do a good job of providing users a good reason to visit, or a high-quality experience to close the deal. And it starts with the aforementioned questions. Why would anyone visit your website[…add a line…] when they could visit thousands of other websites that offer similar things?

Do users actually want or need the content on your website[…add a line…], and do they find it useful?
A brutal self-assessment will inevitably lead to great clarity. And with great clarity comes more creativity — creativity that will give your team the ability to express to your search engine optimization specialist the specific and unique characteristics of your company that must be communicated on your website.

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An SEO specialist’s job is to optimize the website to earn more traffic from search. So, to make an SEO specialist more effective, he or she must first know the business objectives. He or she must know with extreme clarity what the website is meant to be for the user.
What brutally honest questions would you recommend website administrators ask themselves to improve SEO? Let us know in the comments.