Relationships and Profit

Joshua Social Media

Conventional business wisdom spawned the saying, “It’s not personal, it’s just business.”

We believe customers take the way you treat them very personally.

At the end of a marketing campaign, most businesses count the number of tweets, website visits, Facebook friends and YouTube video views that they amassed during the campaign. At the end of your marketing campaign, you need to focus on how many new relationships you started and how many existing relationships you deepened to greater levels of consent. Although profit is how we need to measure the success of our marketing over time, strong customer relationships are what lead to those profits.

Relationships lead to a point where the customer will give you consent to market specific things of interest to them. As Jay Levington says, “Never fail to distinguish between your B List customers who should be treated like royalty, and your A List customers, who should be treated like family.”

Permission to connect has put the power in the consumer’s hands. Seek and then treat that permission like gold.