Presidential Candidates on Social Media

Infographic: Who Is The More Social Presidential Candidate?

Joshua Social Media

 How much does Social Media play a part in the 2012 elections?

Obama certainly has the edge in social popularity. Will it make a difference on November 7? America will decide. Check out the comparision numbers from each candidate’s Facebook, Twitter and YouTube platforms.
Source: Public Twitter, Facebook and YouTube platforms from each respective candidate as of 11:00 a.m. CST, October 24, 2012


Romney: Tweets 1,296 Following 274 Followers 1,569,734

Obama: Tweets 7,283 Following 671, 342 Followers 21,291,253


Romney: 10,625,106 likes  3,499,015 talking about this

Obama: 31,333,564 likes  2,884,682 talking about this


Romney: Subscribers 25,993 Video Views 27,583,117

Obama: Subscribers 248,506 Video Views 253,710,689

Poll: Has a Candidate’s Social Media Presence Changed or Impacted Your Vote?

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