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This blog post (shared from is by guest author Jason Parks, Owner of The Media Captain. Follow him at @TheMediaCaptain on Twitter.

These tips are on par and really helpful. We’ve been using these tactics for a long time and have seen results on a daily basis from these practices. Developing a character for your brand posts, sharing staff stories and more are crucial strategies for producing great and share-worthy content on brand social media platforms.

Case Analysis

We broke down insights for a client of ours, Panhandle OBGYN. Check out their average Facebook Engagement (unique likes, comments or shares) for Facebook page posts from Dec. 22, 2013 – May 22, 2014:

General Photo Posts 29.8
Non-Photo Posts 31.5
Employee Photo Posts 192.6
Patient/Baby Photo Posts 214.2

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by Jason Parks
This One Simple Tactic Can Double Your Facebook Engagement

Social media junkies have taken notice that organic Facebook interaction has decreased dramatically. As mentioned in a recent blog post, research is showing that only 4% or less of people are seeing your page updates in their newsfeeds when you post on Facebook.

If you want to generate more organic interaction without having to reach into your wallet to promote every post, can this be achieved? If you creatively show off your company and the people that work hard every day to keep the business running, you’ll be able to double your Facebook engagement and attain a greater organic reach on Facebook by following the three steps below. We like to call it brand personality!

Creating the brand personality

When my company (The Media Captain), implemented the “Brand Personality Social Tactic” for our clients, we noticed a 110% increase in engagement on their posts on a weekly basis. If you follow the simple steps below, you’ll be able to achieve similar success while your competition (the other 96%) is getting buried in the newsfeed.

Step 1. Employee recognition

The “Brand Personality” program was implemented in March of 2014 for a local plumbing company in Ohio. Before we took over their social marketing efforts, it would be a good day if they generated 2-3 “Likes” per Facebook post… READ MORE…