New “Pages Feed” To Assist Decreased Facebook Fan Reach

Joshua Social Media

You may have already noticed a new orange flag under your “Pages” section of the Facebook News Feed page. Facebook is calling it the “Pages Feed”. It comes as a potential attempt to answer the frustrations expressed by page ADMINS recently. Shrinking fan reach due to algorithm changes last October have reportedly decreased Weekly Total Reach on millions of business Timelines.

Now, users can view page-only posts in a feed devoted to viewing the business, interest or organization pages you like.

It comes as little consolation to businesses whose posts aren’t appearing as often in fan news feeds. The problem is due to space. Most people have lots of friends and lots of pages they like. So, the obvious problem is that feed traffic is heavy. Facebook has decided to essentially prioritize friends over businesses when it comes to the posts that show up in order to “optimize” the News Feed experience.

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