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Why We Love Super Simple Video Blogs & What We’re Doing About It

Joshua Social Media

Video is a highly engaging platform. So, we thought we’d start doing some of our own.

Video is great for creating simple, low-production tips and tricks in your industry.

“Chief Social Media Evangelist”
“Profit Innovator”
“Social Media Rockstar”

We are doing more video blogs. Hooray! We want to discuss various topics with you that we think can be really helpful for anyone starting and developing online marketing. Sometimes it will be a few minutes of me (Andy) talking, or maybe Joshua Godsey (insert inspirational quote) or maybe Alex (#inspirational).

Share that. Share that.

Hopefully you’ll find some useful things in these conversations. Video is a highly engaging platform so we thought we’d try it out for our own brand. It’s also fun! We hope you enjoy these different blogs (more coming soon!)

Let us know if you like them in the comments. And tell us what you’d like to hear from us in future videos.


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