Ideas For Our Clients During COVID-19 Pandemic

Jody Reynolds Expio Values, News

Let’s protect our teams and best serve those in greater need.

Like you, I’m watching the most recent updates on COVID-19 and thinking of so many friends who are struggling through this time.

Video conference during quarantine

Get creative to keep excellent communications while your team works remotely.

Yes, at Expio we’re working from home, keeping our distance, and washing our hands. We will continue to work hard for our clients, especially those who are struggling the next few months.

I want to encourage all of you, all of us, to think about ways in which we can protect our teams and best serve those in greater need.

Here are few ideas. Please reply to this email with your own ideas or ideas you’ve heard about:

  • For restaurants, bars, coffee shops, retail: Focus on selling dining bonds and gift cards. Offer, for example, $80 now for $100 in value after 60 days, etc. Talk to us if you’d like help promoting these.
  • Food service clients: Get creative with to-go and delivery options. If you don’t have a drive-through option, transform your parking lot into curbside pick-up.
  • For our healthcare clients: Focus on patient education, wellness and maintaining regular appointments as much as feasible. My heart goes out to you guys, as you’re on the front lines of this thing.
  • For our B2B clients: Get really good at managing remotely, and stay focused. This is not the time to back down or let up. Look for the opportunities in the chaos. Trust your people, provide clear goals and deadlines. Meet virtually, and as we say at Expio, “hold hands in traffic.”
  • For those of you needing loan assistance: Visit the U.S. Small Business Administration website.
  • For those of you whose businesses will see an uptick in revenue: Remember that you’re in the minority. Be kind and generous with your vendors, partners and community.

Please let me or my team know how we can provide additional help or value to you during this time. This is a time to lean in, to embrace the reality of our situation, and prove our value to each other, our teams, our customers and our communities.


Andy Roller

Expio Founder and CEO