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How The Hereford Economic Development Corporation Increased Organic Site Traffic by 261% And Improved Keyword Rankings In Less Than a Year

Shiley King Case Study

Hereford Economic Development Corporation came to Expio with the goal of increasing organic visits to the site and building brand awareness. Since partnering with us, HEDC has seen exciting results.


  • Increase in Organic Engagement 
  • Improve Keyword Rankings 


  • Optimize pages to rank higher in google searches. 
  • Track and optimize targeted keyword opportunities. 
  • Produce FAQ pages around keywords to increase traffic. 


  • Organic site sessions increased by 261% from August 2020 through April 2021. 
  • During the same time period, they increased their keyword rankings from 11 to 32. 
  • HEDC increased their total clicks in April 2021 by 282% compared to August of 2020.


The Hereford Economic Development Corporation is dedicated to bringing new businesses into the city of Hereford Texas. Learn more about the work being done by the HEDC


The Expio team is carefully crafting unique content for the HEDC to establish them as a topical authority online. The increase in traffic is the first step toward long-term success. By continuing our efforts of creating valuable content and optimizing user experience, we look forward to helping them grow their online presence. 

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