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A Guide to Facebook’s New Page Templates for 2017

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Enhanced Shopping Options, Better Call-to Action sections, and new Visual Options for Services, Products and More

Manage Facebook Page Tabs on the Left Side, and Sections in the Middle

Template Options

Facebook has released new Facebook Page Templates. That means if you haven’t made the upgrade, you’re currently set as a “Standard” template. New templates include: Professional Services (that’s the one we used for our own Facebook page), Shopping, Business, Venues, Politicians, and Restaurants and Cafes.

Each template basically recreates the Tabs on any given Facebook page. Plus, Facebook will re-write the Button for the page. A few things to think about when updating your new Facebook page are:

  • What’s your business goal for the Facebook page?
  • How do you want your followers to respond from your Facebook?

Once you’ve decided these two things, you’ll better be able to decide which template to go with, and where to take users. One thing we haven’t fully explored yet is the ability to sell products directly from Facebook, as opposed to going to another website.

Customizing Your New Template

Check out the gallery below of our own customizations. We’ve shown our own Facebook page, a Professional Services template, plus Latex Agent, a Shopping template.

For each Services or Products Tab, there’s now the ability to feature products, just like having their own landing page. This includes options for photos, videos, Title, price, description, url, and the ability make them “Featured” on Facebook. Basically, Facebook’s trying to give your Facebook page more website-like functionality.

Our Amarillo Facebook page home screen with the new "Professional Services" template we enhanced.

Our Amarillo Facebook page home screen with the new “Professional Services” template we enhanced.

Here's a look at what our Professional Services Template Services section looks like.

Here’s a look at what our Professional Services Template Services section looks like.

This is what a "Shopping" template's Shop section looks like.

This is what a “Shopping” template’s Shop section looks like.

A look at a single featured product within a "Shopping" template.

A look at a single featured product within a “Shopping” template.

How are you using Facebook’s new templates? Let us know in the comments.

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    1. Joshua Post
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    Hi! Facebook told me by June 19th I will have a new non-profit template unless I opt out of it.
    Do you know if there is a way to preview it??

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    I’ve got a community outreach group, not sure how each template can help me customize it as I want. I wish they left it to me to add and delete each tab as I wish. Right now, we find Venue template works the best, but with a lot of shortfalls. I don’t like that the visitor posts are pushed off to the side and not visible from the Home page (which is also mandatory and limited).

    One big thing is I want people to be able to post events. Now, they have to have me create the event and add them as a co-host before they’re able to set all the details. By that point it’s already public, so it’s a lot more work on my end to know all the details first.

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