Create the Perfect Holiday Brand Post With These Ideas

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Pick our brain. We’re feeling generous this holiday season and want to give out some of the ideas that helped us form our content strategies this holiday season. If you’re struggling to make the perfect holiday post on your business Facebook page, or Twitter, we think you’ll find these useful. Check out some ideas to make your page shine this holiday season.

Gift Ideas

Feature one of the best products or services, or in this case Memberships, you have to offer for the holiday season.

Say Thanks

Just that simple. Say thanks for following along, for being a part of the community around your brand and business. Show them appreciation – even do a giveaway. Sharky’s Burrito Co. gave gift cards to followers who submitted parodies of their love for burritos. Here’s how they ended the contest – saying thanks and designing a graphic with some of the crowdsourced entries in the background.

Use Crowdsourced Content

In the case of Gully Animal Hospital in Arlington, TX, we decided to use a photo submitted by a follower. Then, we created a fun graphic to express an aspect of their brand, enjoying pets.​

Feature What’s Most Important

This powerful post from friends of ours here in Amarillo features statistics of youth in foster care and a call to action.

Get Nostalgic

Giving a sense of nostalgia can be a great way to connect with followers. This post from The Home Depot does a great job.


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