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Our Business Core Values – Andy Roller

Joshua Social Media

Transcript: From the beginning, our approach has been to give meaning, dignity and fun to our work. We want to provide a great place to work for our team members. We want to create engaged people who create engaged customers and constituents on behalf of the people we serve, the people who become clients.

We contribute to our economy and we care about our world, but we want to help our clients extend the same type of care and the same type of engagement to their audience. We want to successfully amplify online the great way our clients serve their customers offline. We’re here to tell and spread their story.

We want to engage their audience in a way that impacts their goals, their sales or their cause. Everything we do for our clients is designed relative to the story we’re trying to tell. You know, the world isn’t going to go backwards in terms of its desire to interact on line socially. Customers will continue to expect helpful, efficient and effective interaction online.  And we believe they’ll seek this in more mobile ways.

At Expio, we’re always out in front of our clients to make sure they do these things well.