Conversion Rate Optimization: Don’t Fall Victim To Bland Website Copy

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Conversion Rate Optimization: Don’t Fall Victim To Boring Website Jargon

Incentivizing Headers, A Unique Value Proposition In CTAs and Analytics Know-How

Don’t let your conversion rates fall victim to website jargon. Website Copywriters can achieve better page design with these three tips.

*Clicks on landing page

* Sees “Great customer service”

* Exits

Success online isn’t just about earning visitors. It’s about getting visitors to take action. Convincing them to take action requires a very high level of strategic execution. It’s the greatest landing page test.

What action do you want users to take? How are you conveying your goal into your website’s messaging? If you’re reading this blog, you’re likely looking for ways to step up your game.

That’s fantastic!

Step 1 is recognizing that converting visitors isn’t easy. It takes diligence, creativity and understanding how users perceive and use your content. In short, it takes incentivizing users, offering a unique and compelling content offer and diligent data tracking.

If you’re marketing online in any capacity, you want users to take action on your website. Expert digital marketers use metrics like bounce rate (the number of users who exit their session without going into any other landing page during their session) and conversion rate (the number of users who complete a task during their session) to determine the success of their website.

These basic data points help determine success. If you’re unfamiliar with those, learn about them now before you take any other action.

We’ve dealt with dozens of businesses who don’t realize how to track their success in the first place. Here’s how to know if you understand the basics of conversion rates:

  • Are you tracking visitor bounce rates?
  • Have you setup custom goals in your analytics?
  • What pages are included in your conversion funnel and which have the highest bounce rate?
  • How many users are converting per month?
  • Where did those visitors come from (Organic? Direct? Social Media?)

These basic questions should be top of mind for every digital marketing team. They’ll help you understand basic user engagement to determine the success of any website conversion goal and its success rate.

Now that you’ve got the basics under your belt, let’s move on.

There are three things that will enhance landing page conversion rates.

Every user that lands on a page is busy. Every user came to that page for a specific reason. Are you giving them clear, compelling and unique reasons why they should proceed?


One of the most crucial things you can do to optimize your website conversion rates is to add incentive to your website copy and messaging. Examples of incentive include: offering a time-bound response time.

“In under an hour, get a free assessment”

“Instantly see pricing”

“Find out now:

Other examples of incentive may be in pricing, customer service, sales or marketing. This takes creativity on the part of your marketing team. And it may even take collaboration with sales and business administration in order to create a unique incentive that drives users to the next click.

Unique Value Proposition

Businesses should know very well what makes them unique. Their sales teams should be trained in the art of selling value. What makes your business unique? Why should customers choose you instead of your competition?

Add that unique value in your website’s content. An example of this is offering a free resource.

“Receive your free whitepaper”

“Download file”

“Watch full video”

Whatever it is that you can offer that sets you apart from your competition, include it in the design of your landing pages.

If you don’t have an obvious unique value proposition that’s tangibly available for users online, come up with creative ways to create an offer. For example, record a video with one of your employees offering free business advice as a downloadable resource. Or, create a short business e-book that covers the basics of your services and why they matter to your customers.

Trackable Conversion

Now that you’ve built a compelling incentive and offer for your customers, be diligent. The work isn’t over. Check your analytics reports monthly, weekly, even daily. Watch for patterns. Discover pages that are underperforming and make adjustments. No expert digital marketing team ever stops. There’s always more to learn about your users. And with more success, comes more opportunity to enhance and optimize.

What are your tips for increasing landing page conversion rates? Let us know in the comments.

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