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Does Your Agency Make You Feel Like an SEO Expert?

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If You Don’t Feel Like a Subject Matter Expert When it Comes To Your SEO Strategies, Your Agency Might Be Letting You Down. [x_author title=”About the Author”] So, how’s it going with your SEO monthly reports? If you’re an Expio Digital Marketing client and a subscriber to our SEO service, you know that our monthly reports are a huge part …

What is a good performing ad and how to know - Expio Digital Marketing

So you got a lot of Reach on your ad. Who cares? Thoughts on true ad performance.

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[x_author title=”About the Author”] With $100 you can reach thousands of people. That’s pretty amazing, right? The marketing tools of today are within a click’s reach, and they boast incredible numbers. With Facebook, $50 and a click of that “Boost” button, you can reach thousands of people. And, you know what, tThere is something pretty cool about that. It’s definitely not …

Using Google Search Console to find Anchor Text for External Links

Dealing with Spam Referral Traffic in Website Analytics

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So, You’ve Noticed Referral Traffic from Spam Sites If you’ve ever taken a look at analytics for your website, you’ll have seen sites like these inside the referral traffic category. What are these sites? Are they real people? Should I be concerned about hackers? Why are they visiting my site? Should I do something about it? Spam Bots …

Report on Social Media and the Patient Experience via TCU and Expio Consulting

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Currently over 55% of patients engage with some form of social media. This report proves that number will continue to rise. 39% of respondents say they share medical information using social media. Contrary to the fears of many executives, patients tend to share positive experiences on social media. This report found though it’s true that patients also do share bad experiences, …