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How The Hereford Economic Development Corporation Increased Organic Site Traffic by 261% And Improved Keyword Rankings In Less Than a Year

Shiley King Case Study

Hereford Economic Development Corporation came to Expio with the goal of increasing organic visits to the site and building brand awareness. Since partnering with us, HEDC has seen exciting results. THE GOALS Increase in Organic Engagement  Improve Keyword Rankings  THE APPROACH Optimize pages to rank higher in google searches.  Track and optimize targeted keyword opportunities.  Produce FAQ pages around keywords …

Social Media & Medical (Google Presentation)

Joshua Case Study

Contributors Joshua Godsey & Andy Roller Patient-Centered Social Media The New Bedside Manner Case study by Expio including a Google presentation of social media campaigns and results for featured clients in the medical field. Click to open in a new window What the presentation includes: Social Media for Medical explained Social media gives medical specialists the perfect platform to share …