What's AMP and Why Is It Important for Marketers? Expio Digital Marketing

What’s AMP and Why Is It Important for Marketers?

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Adding AMP Code to Your Business Site Could Immediately Increase Organic Traffic AMP results are earning more clicks than ever. Most websites aren’t taking advantage. AMP, or Accelerated Mobile Pages, is an open-source project designed to make articles load faster when clicked from a Google search engine result page. They appear at the top of the page for searches in which AMP …

Brand or sell? Entice or inform? Taking a Topical Approach to Blogging - Expio

Brand or Sell? Entice or Inform? Taking a Topical Approach to Blogging

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Brand or Sell? “Branding” has become one of the murkiest marketing terms on the Internet. It can basically mean anything. Branded content can mean a dozen different things. Branding can easily become inbred company rhetoric that only increases customer boredom. But branding can also lead to a direct approach to blogging that helps users get what they need. For our …

whats with seo expio digital marketing our take

What’s With SEO? Our Take

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“The other day I was in some, whatever–coffee place. I don’t know, you can only be in six places—whichever one I was in.” – Comedian Louis CK “Hilarious” Your customer gathers information on the internet the same way that you do – from one of six places. We all go to Google (or Yahoo or Bing) and fill in that …

Facebook Page Templates 2017 Guide from Expio Digital Marketing

A Guide to Facebook’s New Page Templates for 2017

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Enhanced Shopping Options, Better Call-to Action sections, and new Visual Options for Services, Products and More Manage Facebook Page Tabs on the Left Side, and Sections in the Middle Template Options Facebook has released new Facebook Page Templates. That means if you haven’t made the upgrade, you’re currently set as a “Standard” template. New templates include: Professional Services (that’s the one we …

Search Engine Optimization FAQs Expio

SEO Basics: Know Your CTRs (Click Through Rates)

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Google Search Console, and the Anatomy of a Search With over 7 billion searches happening every month, knowing how and why your website gets clicks, or doesn’t get clicks, is a crucial skill. Luckily, it’s not that difficult. One of the best uses of time when it comes to knowing your site SEO is looking at CTRs, or Click-Through-Rates. In …

How to Customize Notifications for Facebook Pages

How to Customize Notifications for Facebook Pages

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How to Customize Facebook Page Notifications For Page Admins Go to your Facebook Page timeline Click Settings Click Notifications (located on the left sidebar) Select which notifications you’d like to receive by how often, what activity, and whether you’d like to see them by email or text Managing Multiple Facebook Pages with Custom Notifications If you’re a Facebook page admin for …

Siri comes to Mac with macOS Sierra update - Expio

Siri, iCloud: What You Should Know About macOS Sierra

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Latest Mac Operating System Update Delivers Siri on Desktop, iCloud Everything It’s been a week of new updates and features for Apple and its fans. iPhone 7, iOS 10 and now macOS Sierra. Check out the two big focuses for the new OS. Siri-Voice Enabled for Desktop There’s a new app in the Dock. Siri isn’t just for iPhones, and iPads. …

Using Google Search Console to find Anchor Text for External Links

Dealing with Spam Referral Traffic in Website Analytics

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So, You’ve Noticed Referral Traffic from Spam Sites semalt.com simple-share-buttons.com buttons-for-website.com If you’ve ever taken a look at analytics for your website, you’ll have seen sites like these inside the referral traffic category. What are these sites? Are they real people? Should I be concerned about hackers? Why are they visiting my site? Should I do something about it? Spam Bots …

Search Engine Optimization Two Websites Joshua Godsey Expio Consulting

Hey, two websites for one business isn’t a good idea for SEO…

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A company talking to us this week is experiencing a major problem with their brand-new website.  Well, sites, plural. Inexplicably, they recently decided two websites would be better, investing thousands into design. Perhaps, the effort would bring double the traffic? To their upmost surprise and dismay, one of the two sites became so far buried in SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages), …

6 Strategies for Writing Great Business Blogs - Expio

6 Strategies for Writing Great Business Blogs: For Agencies and Marketers

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There are thousands of new business blogs being published online everyday. To earn a new customer from blogging as a business, it takes strategy, and attention to detail. Competition is fierce. And the “noise” is loud. Attention from readers is hard to come by. If you’re writing new blog content for an agency, or your own business, this post is for …