Our Best Single Tip to Improve SEO

Joshua Online Search (SEO)

By Joshua Godsey

Produce blogs, or landing page content that answer low competition, high-traffic keyword queries in your area of expertise.

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SEO is about keywords. Keywords that trigger content. The goal here is to identify what keywords are opportunities, and then write content to answer them. Ask yourself a few questions in order to make this happen. Are you able to write expertly on your website for specific keywords? What keywords suggest the user wants to do business with you? Does the keyword receive more than 100 hits per month in search engines? Is the competition realistically low enough for you to rank on the first page? It’s a simple and effective formula, identify quality keywords, then write specifically in answer to those keywords. Use free tools out there to help your research, namely Google’s Keyword Planner (AdWords account required), KeywordTool.io, SEM Rush, Moz and others to discover high quality keywords (quality = suggests user will do business with you, receive minimum 100 / month visits, and aren’t crammed with competing websites). Limit yourself to keyword searches that are specific, and under your umbrella of expertise. If you are an expert, and are able to write your expertise in a basic and thorough way, you’ll find immediate traffic to be had. Good luck!