What's AMP and Why Is It Important for Marketers? Expio Digital Marketing

What’s AMP and Why Is It Important for Marketers?

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Adding AMP Code to Your Business Site Could Immediately Increase Organic Traffic

SERP AMP example from ExpioAMP results are earning more clicks than ever.

Most websites aren’t taking advantage.

AMP logo ExpioAMP, or Accelerated Mobile Pages, is an open-source project designed to make articles load faster when clicked from a Google search engine result page. They appear at the top of the page for searches in which AMP articles appear. As most things with Google, we don’t know when exactly AMP articles are chosen to appear. But, we do know better click-through-rates are being reported from many sites that are submitting their new content to AMP. You’ve probably clicked on an AMP result without even knowing. Particularly for websites that regularly post news, blogs, information or other content, AMP is a must-have addition to you site’s capabilities.

Benefits of Adding AMP To Your Site

  • AMP articles appear at the top of search engine result pages (which nearly always means more clicks and impressions)
  • AMP articles load faster
  • Sites that are using AMP gain a competitive advantage over sites that do not

Things You Should Know About AMP

  • AMP is not for pages, but for posts i.e. blogs, news, articles, features, portfolio posts, etc.
  • AMP content is stripped of most design (HTML), turning posts into mostly plain text and images. Be sure to custmomize your AMP integration with brand colors. We also suggest adding a fall-back feature image for good measure. Yoast has a great guide on this.
  • AMP articles go back to google.com. Even though you can track visits to your domain via AMP article clicks, one complaint from web masters is that AMP articles naturally click back to google.com. Be aware.

AMP doesn’t happen automatically for your site. You’ll need to set it up and configure your site’s code to present new content into AMP.

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