5 Evidences that Prove Social Media is Making Business Better

Joshua Social Media

1. Brands are now listening more than ever

Great customer experiences start with knowing the customer. That’s easier than ever thanks to the thousands of comments on brand posts everyday. This vast stockpile of user-submitted information has proven itself to be a powerful tool in the hands of business leaders, enough to translate into executive action. And it’s awesome. About 50% of companies say social business has improved marketing optimization, customer experience and brand health (Altimeter Group).

2. Results are easier to track

New tools for data and insights are exploding, helping marketers get smarter everyday. It’s no longer about how many likes a page has on Facebook. It’s about the customer journey. How did they find their new favorite product, video, campaign and – most importantly – action? It’s about accurately tracking action in order to produce better and smarter content for more actions to take place. The more marketers understand with the power of smarter analytics, the more customers will benefit.

3. Improvements are coming faster

If it works, let’s make it better. The constant obsession among great social media marketers is: how can we make good great? Because social media is where people inevitably turn to expand on their experiences, businesses are now looking at it as a place to learn. That learning is translating into more enjoyable and useful direction for businesses as a whole. Businesses can now deliver targeted, personalized messages and experiences to followers across channels.

4. Business beliefs are stronger than ever

When a business commits to sharing content everyday on social media channels (need help with social media for business? Contact us), they tap into their inner-business. They start sharing deeper and more meaningful micro-stories. Their content continually tells their story. That’s why we’re seeing more and more causes among businesses, particularly those who are great at social media. There’s no coincidence that businesses that do social media well tend to have increased customer retention.

5. Great businesses are easier to find

Good businesses are easier to find when they are active on social media. People are much more likely to be attracted to businesses with positive buzz on Facebook than those with little or none. In a recent report, Expio found that Panhandle OBGYN in Amarillo, TX experienced a 500% increase in Facebook engagement over a six month period when recognizing staff in photo posts compared to general posts. They received dozens of comments from Facebook users expressing their appreciation and enthusiasm for the staff. Those comments inevitably found their way into friends’ of fans News Feeds. What happens automatically as a result is word-of-mouth referrals. Positive brand comments speak for themselves.